Traffic Secrets (sources)

Traffic Exchanges; (Surf, Surf, Surf. Its FREE! and we get 80% of our students from TE´s.)

PTR/PTC Advertisement;(,, etc.)

Social Networking Sites; (Squidoo, YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.).

Articles;(E-zines, free article postings, etc.)

Blogs;(Write about your knowledge and experience in your daily working with online marketing)

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO); (Get your website ranked better in the search engines by targeting keywords and tags.)

– Pay Per Click; (There are PLENTY of free ppc offers out there from both Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. That means you can start your ppc campaigns for very little money, but remember to do some research on how to use ppc before starting the process.)

Warrior Forum; (create an account here and start participating in the forum, answering questions first, then giving value to the community.)

A short video explaining a little about the different ways to advertise your business and what to think about..

To see what site to use for the different methods you can read this post Where To Buy Advertisement that talks about the 4 different websites where you can make your choice on which ones you want to use for your traffic needs:

To Your Success!

Michael Trier-hofby
Online Business Mentor



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