Student Documents

You can download these documents for free and use in your daily work with the system.

1. How to organize your working time.

2. The ad-to-traffic-exchanges.

3. script-to-new-student (a conversation i had with one of my new students).

4. welcome-mail you send to the people who submits at your page.

  1. Use these documents to make your daily work with the system easier for yourself.. Download the “How to organize your working time” document and follow it as it says, i promise you that is the road to success with our system.. “The ad to traffic exchanges” is the little ad you gotta use in Traffic exchanges when they ask you for website name.. “Script to new student” is a text you simply can copy and send to a new student that has added you to introduce yourself and get them to take first action (which is taking a look at your introduction page and moving onto step 1). “Welcome mail” is the email you send to the email addresses you get in your autoresponder to give them another chance to add you on yahoo/msn if they missed it on your instructions page after they signed up for your free lessons on your main webpage. Use them, cause they work..

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