Lead Capture Page (How To)

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The Importance Of A Good Capture Page

Lead Capture pages seems to be taking the internet by storm these days. They are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your online advertising. A Lead Capture page is a webpage that, when the visitor “lands” on it, he is asked to opt-in to some type of list in order to proceed further. Lead Capture pages are designed to “Capture” a reader’s name and e-mail address information etc. by encouraging users to opt-in to an e-mail list/or be redirected to a “instructions page” like we do to receive more information about the topic.

A Lead Capture page, generally, has some enticing bullets on it, and does a thorough job of describing what you’ll be able to access after you enter your data. Landing Pages pages are essential for all top marketers.

To make an effective Lead Capture page, you want to provide information that interests your readers and makes
them want to be directed to more information, or to receive information via email. These names and email addresses that your Landing page collects can be added to your mailing list. A well written Lead Capture page can lead to more leads and consequently more sales. Also the addition of audio and/or video in conjunction with text can result in a more effective Lead Capture page.

So dear students make sure to design your Lead Capture page well..!


Michael Trier-hofby

Online Business Mentor


Here is a video explaining what a Lead Capture page really is and whats important to think about…

  1. Here is some good and useful info about what a good squeeze page should do and how to set it up etc.. Enjoy 🙂

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