Easy Action Plan! 13 Easy Steps To Personal Branding Domination…

Branding IS Extremly important! That is why most people like to buy certain brands over others (and mostly the branded stuff are way more expensive)..

1. Internet Marketing is like dating, attract the people who YOU want to work with, and not just the people who you can get or time wasters.. Make up in your mind who you really want to work with and be critical in who you spend your time with, your time IS valulable (even if you´re not an Internet Millionaire yet.. You still only have 24 hours per day like everybody else so invest them in people who deserve it and leave the rest)…

2. People doesn’t really care about how much money you have made, what you have not made, how long you been struggling for, or none of that. People ONLY care about your excitement about where you are going! Not where you have been.. This is a BIG problem in the Internet Marketing industry right now as many seems to believe that its about what you are bringing in now, rather then what you are becoming because of who you are and what you know..

3. You MUST shift your mindset, from just having some people there listening to you, to having the people who you actually WANT TO HAVE in your life and in your business.

4. If you think that the money WILL be a problem for people to pay you, you are basically putting that into their head and people WILL pick up on that and they will draw out at the last-minute on you again, again and again and again until you shift your mindset regarding what YOU are worth to them…

5. You are (in most cases) offering the exact same opportunity to these people! So do NOT think other people wont be able to do as good as you, maybe they will, you don’t know. Maybe they will BLOW YOU OUT OF THE WATER! You can only offer them it and yourself as help, the best possible way you know how to…

6. If you go into a store and the sales assistant in there are rude, or have an attitude of some kind you are probably just going to say, well im gonna come back later then.. You are probably not going to buy something or even come back! Try to have this in your mind when you are talking with your prospects…

7. Being CLEAR and know 100% who you are, with your business and what you want to do, with the people who joins YOU is all it is online and in most offline businesses too… You MUST know what you stand for and be able to convert them because of who you are, not only what you offer!

8. It’s not a biography that builds personal brand, it’s not only about your story. It is more about: what do YOU stand for? What is equivalent to you? and who are you as a leader?. Be unique and find out what you want to put out there to people and make it tied in to your business and what you are trying to accomplish (maybe it’s getting them to opt-in at your lead capture page).

9. You have to advertise what people want, and not what you think they would like to have!! You don’t want to make your story too heavy, or give the entire struggling story to people, the story must be written in the light of your FUTURE and also your now situation, for example: “I now have the time to enjoy my family” or “I now have the freedom to do what I want with my life, rather than being stuck in the familiar “rat race” and it feels good”). Then you let them know how it can help them too..

10. Start your story like this for example: “Here is my story, and here is how it relates to you and here is how it can help you too..” Write your story and then make it “Outlook” so you speak TO THEM and not about you… Also you never want to assume that you know who the people are and what they did or do, always say like “chances are, you are going through blah, blah like I was”.

11. Write 10 things which defines where you are in 1 year and look at your blog, your story and ask yourself, do these things relate to your 1 year plan? And ask yourself, what actions am I taking today that will make you that person that you are in 1 year? Am i following through according to my arrival plan? If not, what do i have to get better at doing now?

12. Good pictures REALLY matter. It will make your marketing life so much easier, it will give you higher conversions! It WILL change EVERYTHING about your brand and how people look at you and think of you..

13. Find a Phrase that is yours. For example: “To Your Success!”. Use the same colors all over your branding, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog.. Use same phrases all over your brand so your brand is consistent. This is important, otherwise it doesn’t really have that “professional” branding effect that you want.

Please remember to share, like and comment like always, thank you!

To Your Success!

Michael Trier-hofby
Online Business Mentor



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