A Step By Step Checklist to Become a Social Media Wizard Overnight..

In this post i am going to reveal some “little known” but easy to apply tactics, to become a “Social Media Wizard” overnight… An easy to follow checklist that you can use to simply become more effective in the way you use Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Maybe you are a home based business owner, who is looking to utilize social media to drive targeted traffic to your lead capture page(s) and that way generate leads that has some interest in what you offer… This guide, or checklist will show you the most powerful tactics that i have discovered so far in my own social media experiments.

The Sales Funnel:
1. Simplify things for people. (don’t put tons of links for people to click, put only the link you really want them to click because it is smart regarding to your funnel.
2. Ask yourself,.. Ok if they click here what do i want them to do then? What is my end goal with people clicking links in your profile? Tie it together.
3. As a Marketer you are really only selling “the next step” for the prospect. So don’t drive people around in your funnel. Only to your NEXT STEP which is where they need to be.

4 ways to interact with people on web 2.0:
1. Give content
2. Asking people questions
3. Tell people what you are doing
4. Comment on something that they wrote
5. ALWAYS Respond to people when talking to you in ANY way

Listening and taking action on what you hear:
1. What do you want to provide to people?
2. What are him/her looking for? How can you provide it to him/her?
3. Listening (and observe, and responding to what you see and hear)

Giving people a call-to-action:
1. Give people a Call To Action. (be the one to tell them they are gonna do it, whatever it is, help them make decisions).
2. Dont sell them IN the message, get them to where you want them just, and THEN sell them.

Following up with people:
1. Phone or email, etc.

Please remember to Share, like & Comment as always 🙂 Thanks!

To Your Success!

Michael Trier-hofby
Online Business Mentor



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